Braswell's Fantasy NASCAR League 2017 

Here are all the rules & scoring information that you need to know for the 2017 season.

BFNL Chase Rules

How Does the Chase Work?

The Chase will be the final 12 races of the season.
There will be four 3-race segments

The field will be cut in half after each segment (except the final segment, which will crown the Champion)
-Segment 1 (First Round) – 32 players
-Segment 2 (Sweet 16) – 16 players
-Segment 3 (Elite 8) – 8 players
-Segment 4 (Championship) – 4 Players

Players will continue to earn Playoff Points for Stage/Race/Segment wins during The Chase (they will be applied at the start of the next round)

The Regular Season Champion will receive an automatic advancement into the 2nd Round of the Chase
Winning a Chase Race will automatically advance a player into the next round.

How do I qualify for The Chase

The Chase Field will be comprised of 32 competitors

Automatic Qualifiers
Race Winners (must be in the top 40 in points)
Segment Winners (must be in the top 40 in points)

Non-Race or Segment winners
Remaining Chase spots will be filled with highest remaining players in points, not already otherwise qualified.

Team Selection & The Bank

Teams will continue to be selected using driver values & The Bank.

Regular Season Bank maximum will be capped at $120

The Bank will reset at the end of the Regular Season (money will NOT carry over into The Chase)

There will be no Bank during the Chase itself ($100 max for each round).

Failure to select a team after automatically qualifying for the Chase will result in forfeiture of automatic qualification & any bonus points..

Playoff Points

Players can earn points that will carry through each round of the playoffs based on the following.

Their team has the most Stage Points for a race (Stage Win) - 10 points per win

Their team has the most Race Points for a race (Race Win) - 25 points per win

Their team has the most Segment Points for group of races (Segment Wins) - 50 points per win

The Chase Standings

    The points standings for Chase players will reset at the beginning of the Chase, and every round thereafter.

    Playoff Points will be added to set the initial standings for each round.

    Eliminated players will keep their earned points throughout the year to set the final standings.

Eliminated Players

Eliminated players will still be required to select teams.

Eliminated players will still earn points towards the overall standings

Eliminated players can still win Segments and therefore win Segment Prizes

Standard League Rules

How Does the League Work?

    Every person in the league will choose a team of 5 drivers (no more, no less), from the list of drivers provided. This team of drivers may not exceed a total value of $100.

    If you select a team with a value of less than the $100 max, the remaining money will be "banked" and you can use that money the next time you select (or any time later in the season). When driver select occurs, I will include your "banked" money in the note so you know your current budget.

    **NEW FOR 2017**The Bank will only be in effect for the REGULAR SEASON
    **NEW FOR 2017**Your Bank will be capped at $120

    Each driver on your team will earn points for qualifying, each stage, and the race itself (the points distribution chart is provided in the section below.

    Your team will be active for 4 races. The season is broken into nine 4-race segments.

How do I score points?

    Each driver on your team receives points for where he qualifies for the race, and where he finishes during the race.  Here is the exact points distribution that I use to calculate points each week.

      Qual Stages Race     Qual Race     Race
    1st 75 50 250   16th 5 95   31st 20
    2nd 50 45 200   17th 4 90   32nd 18
    3rd 45 40 180   18th 3 85   33rd 16
    4th 40 35 160   19th 1 80   34th 14
    5th 35 30 150   20th 1 75   35th 12
    6th 30 25 145   21st   70   36th 10
    7th 25 20 140   22nd   65   37th 8
    8th 20 15 135   23rd   60   38th 6
    9th 18 10 130   24th   55   39th 4
    10th 16 5 125   25th   50   40th 2
    11th 14   120   26th   45      
    12th 12   115   27th   40      
    13th 10   110   28th   35      
    14th 8   105   29th   30      
    15th 6   100   30th   25      


    Bonus Points

    After qualifying, if your team has scored the most points, you will be given a bonus of 25 points.

    If your team scores the most points in either Stage, you will be given a bonus of 25 points.

    If after the race points are calculated, your team scored the most points, you will be given a bonus of 50 points.

    During the 12 races of "The Chase", the bonus for having the most race points is increased to 100 points.

What if my driver gets hurt, or misses a race?

    If one of your drivers gets hurt, then you get whatever driver replaces him. In essence, when you select a driver to be on your team, you are actually selecting his car. If you pick Jeff Gordon, you really pick the #24 car. So if Jeff Gordon decides that Bill Elliott would be better suited to drive his car that week, you would get whatever points Bill Elliott earns in the #24 car.

    This also works the same way when two drivers "split" a ride. You are selecting that car, so whichever driver is running that week you get points for him. If one of your "split" drivers runs a race for another team, you do not get points for him, you get points for whoever is in the car you selected.

    If your driver fails to qualify for a given race, then you will not receive any points for him during that week. So make sure you pick a driver that you know will make the race, otherwise you will have a large hole in your team for that week.

What happens if qualifying is cancelled?

    No points will be awarded for qualifying during that week. 

    There will be no qualifying point bonus either.  Drivers will only earn points for their finishing position in the race.

What if I forget to submit my team?

    You will be given a team with a maximum budget of $30 (selected by the commishioner) for the race immediately after the deadline.

    You may then submit a team for the remaining races during that segment.

BFNL Rules

Unlike NASCAR, I won't change any of the rules mid-season.