Braswell's Fantasy NASCAR League 2017 


All-Time League Statistics

After 2016 Season

Here you will find all of the league statistics, updated after the most recent season (2013).  There are too many stats to keep this updated after every race during the active season.  I will update these pages at the end of each season.

All-Time Stats Categories

Total Wins
"Chase" Wins
Superspeedway Wins
Short Track Wins
Road Course Wins
Restrictor Plate Wins
Top 5's
Last Place Finishes
Points Leaders
Picked Best Team
Picked Worst Team

BFNL All-Time Road Course Wins

Position Name Career Wins
1. B. Smith 3
t2. G. Bolen 2
t2. J. Cochran 2
t2. S. Compton 2
t2. M. Byrom 2
t2. W. Byrom 2
t2. J. Braswell 2
t8. C. Summerville 1
t8. K. Beshers 1
t8. B. Lowder 1
t8. D. Reynolds 1
t8. J. Varda 1
t8. K. Steele 1
t8. T. Marion 1
t8. J. Motuz 1
t8. L. Braswell 1
t8. J. Cawley 1
t8. J. Steele 1
t8. S. Stewart 1
t8. B. Mosley 1
t8. T. Braswell 1
t8. T. Laney 1
t8. B. Francis 1
t8. C. Burfield 1
t8. J. Farruggia 1




BFNL Fact: 

Original League  Who are Still Active: 

Brandon Braswell
Justin Braswell
Larry Braswell
Jeremy Steele
Gary Bolen
Joey Cochran
Keith Williams